Even liberal Mother Jones admits Obamacare is a crony capitalist jack (But they think that’s a good thing)

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Of course the health care companies like Obamacare. THEY WROTE SIGNIFICANT PORTIONS OF IT. That was the deal with the “devil” Obama made. The Dems essentially gave the insurance industry (and other parts of the health care industry) a massive transfer of wealth from America’s middle class to their corporate bottom lines.

Lesson here is – get a lobbyist.

(From Mother Jones)

HCA has an obvious interest in this case, for the plaintiffs in King are threatening the company’s sizable bottom line, as well as the grand bargain promised by the Obama administration and the law’s drafters in the effort to get it passed. In its brief, HCA says that Obamacare has already cost it more than $600 million in revenues between 2010 and 2014—and that’s just in the 15 states that haven’t created their own exchanges and where HCA has at least one facility. The decreases were part of the deal forged by the drafters of the ACA. The plan was for hospitals to agree to cuts in federal reimbursement for treating the uninsured, but in exchange they would benefit from an influx of newly insured patients.

HCA says that it has only recently begun to see new revenue come in. (Of the roughly 134,000 patients with federal exchange-based insurance who visited an HCA facility last year, 62 percent had never been there before. This suggests that the new insurance program was definitely driving business to HCA’s hospitals and clinics.)…

…Roberts is a conservative, but he’s also a former corporate lawyer. During his tenure, he has consistently sided with corporate America and the Chamber of Commerce in all sorts of cases. An ideologically driven case like King might provide good fare for the court’s conservatives—but Roberts may draw the line at ruling in these plaintiffs’ favor when they are threatening the profits of big business. At least, that’s what one of the nation’s biggest health care companies is now hoping for.

Mother Jones is now a corporate mouthpiece? I guess things really have changed.

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