Hong Kong’s Chief Executive tells people to “Act more like sheep”

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Let’s be honest, most politicians whether in Hong Kong or in Washington DC would prefer that the citizenry act more like sheep. It’s much easier to “govern” sheep. Sheep go where they are scared into going. They can be shorn for taxes over and over. They move in groups and follow the butt in front of them just as the “shepherd” commands.

No politician wants a herd of elephants for instance which can turn on him and who never forget the crack of a whip.

(From The Guardian)

Hong Kong’s unpopular Beijing-backed leader, known to many as “the wolf”, has called on residents of the city to be more like “mild and gentle” sheep in a clumsily worded appeal for citizens to consign the tensions behind the pro-democracy protests of 2014 to history.

Leung Chun-ying made the appeal in his lunar new year message to welcome in the year of the sheep, which begins on Thursday.

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