Jeb Bush Defends NSA Mass Surveillance as ‘Hugely Important’

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It’s not just that the post 9-11 surveillance state is against the most fundamental spirit of this country, it’s also that taxpayers are actually paying to have their privacy violated and liberty curtailed. The cost of all this snooping is immense and has become a part of the military industrial complex all its own. This is highly dangerous.

Once someone’s (likely relatively fat) paycheck depends on a government program(s) a program becomes practically impossible to roll back. It’s the bureaucratic snowball effect, which is bad enough when we are talking about the FDA or the USDA, but terrifying in the case of the NSA, DIA, FBI, etc.

The surveillance state in many respects is a dystopian works program for retired military and law enforcement. This should be front of mind when one considers whether to continue our anti-privacy (and what seems to me unconstitutional) post 9-11 ways.

(From The National Journal)

Bush’s position underscores a growing division within the Republican Party between foreign policy hawks and libertarian-minded conservatives who bristle at the idea of government prying into the private lives of citizens. It is sure to rankle the tea-party wing of the GOP, which has expressed continued outrage at the scope of the surveillance programs revealed in the Snowden files.

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