Jon Stewart finally really sold out. Too bad.

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I have long been a fan of Jon Stewart. I even watched his talk show on MTV in the 90’s, The Jon Stewart Show.

I think at times he can be very funny. I think he is absolutely smart. But he has spent far far too long in the crony media echo chamber. He has luxuriated in the statist gazes of adoration for far far too long. He has gradually lost his real edge over the years and I am glad that he is retiring from The Daily Show. It is definitely time for him.

And I have to say that as Jon’s edge has dulled so too has my respect for him diminished. His recent defense of his buddy Brian Williams was just too much to take. Jon thought he might be able to stem a bit of Brian’s bleeding with a Stewart Brand media bandaid. For the most part it failed. Williams is a liar and not buddies with most of the viewing public which feels betrayed, if not overtly angry.

Jon is funny. He is likable. He was once really great. But this longtime fan has to say that he is disappointed by what Jon Stewart has become.

I’m sure he doesn’t care what I think. Plenty of people around him still tell him how great he is, I am sure all the time. But he really screwed up by defending Williams and with time I think even the crony media people will see this. (Though they will never admit it in public.)

(From The New York Post)

The hacks have a special love for Stewart because he’s their id. They don’t just think he’s funny, they thrill to his every sarcastic quip. They wish they could get away with being so one-sided, snarky and dismissive.

They wish they could skip over all the boring phone calls and the due diligence and the pretend fairness and just blurt out to their ideological enemies in Stewart style, “What the f–k is wrong with you?”

Most other journalists aren’t allowed to swear or to slam powerful figures (lest they be denied chances to interview them in future). Their editors make them tone down their opinions and cloak them behind weasel words like “critics say.” Journalists have to dress up in neutrality drag every day, and it’s a bore.

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