Minnesota state senator proposes a “none of the above” option on the ballot

none of the above cc

This is something I think anyone who is fed up with the 2 party system can get behind. I certainly could. The only people who would possibly object to this idea are the hacks in power who feel like they’ve “paid their dues” in the party systems.

I’d vote “none of the above” pretty much every time on a statewide and national level. I’ll bet many many others would too. (That of course is what the parties are afraid of.)

There should be sponsors for similar legislation in every state. Said sponsors would immediately become targets for party hacks however and would need vocal support from the public to survive.

(From Rare)

Voter turnout in the United States usually isn’t very high, and a good portion of that apathy is undoubtedly due to the very justified feeling that all—by which I of course mean “both”—the candidates on the ballot kinda suck.

Since viable third party candidates are probably still a long way off, Minnesota State Senator Branden Petersen has another idea for those of us who aren’t happy with the status quo.

Vote “none of the above.”

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