(Not a joke, I mean it kind of is) “Top” GOP donors might support Lindsey Graham for president

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If there is any example of the disconnect between the oligarchs and the American people it is that some people with money to burn are willing to burn it supporting Lindsey Graham for president.

Lindsey Graham. Yes, that guy.

The oligarch to which we are referring is Sheldon Adelson. This is the same Sheldon Adelson who recently said that he didn’t like journalism and that Israel need not remain a democracyNice that he’s supporting “democracy” in the United States though.

I figure that Adelson’s logic with regard to Lindsey Graham goes something like this:

He’ll support Bush when it comes down to it but Bush is expensive and Adelson’s influence is mitigated by other oligarchs in the Bush camp, specifically Wall Street. Rand Paul is the enemy. Christie’s hopes are waning, but he’s not out yet. Walker isn’t a natural fit and will likely have a domestic focus which is of less concern to Adelson than international issues. The rest of the field isn’t serious.

But the South Carolina primary is key to winning the GOP nomination and Lindsey Graham was able to overcome Tea Party (Adelson’s political bane) opposition in the Senate primary last year. Graham might have just enough pull in the state to win the primary after which it might be a new game. Plus as presidential candidates come Lindsey Graham is dirt cheap.

It is amazing to me that anyone finds Mr. Graham appealing, particularly for the office of president. But like I said, as presidential candidates come the senator is priced right for the risk to capital. Adelson made his money in casinos and is fully aware of the concept of low risk high reward bets. That’s what we see here.

(From Politico)

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) is getting some 2016 encouragement from several of the GOP’s top donors, with Sheldon Adelson signing up as a co-chair for a March 3 fundraiser for the senator’s testing-the-waters political committee, Security Through Strength.

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