Old guys at Koch conference (not apparently the Kochs) had a problem with Rand Paul’s style, and jeans

Rand-Paul no tie cc

I personally am a big fan of suits. They are functional and most people look good in them. A well tailored suit is about as comfortable as one can get. I like a nice tie and wear cuff links when the occasion warrants. Saying that I have no problem if a presidential candidate, at a forum in Las Vegas of all places chooses not to wear a tie and also chooses to wear jeans.

That’s what Rand did at a recent event, and some of the old boys at the forum didn’t much care for it. As the below article reports many of the Republican silverbacks are much more comfortable with a “Romney type.”

That’s a huge problem if the GOP actually wants to win the presidency.

Paul’s attire wasn’t the real issue however. Many of the people who write big checks for the GOP just don’t like Rand’s owlish foreign policy stance. (As in hawks – for war generally. Doves – against war generally. And the owls who believe in a moderate and measured approach to foreign policy more in line with the pre-neocon Republican Party.)

The old guys are also weary of Rand’s cultural disposition. Though it is not said openly many of the big spenders don’t like the social freedom Paul has no problem with. They also don’t like Rand’s openness to new voters. Voters which do not look like typical old school Republicans.

The senior guys want what the country does not. They want someone who looks like Romney. Who is “pro-business” before he or she is “pro-market.” They want someone they can lean on when they want to.

They also don’t want someone who will really examine the Federal Reserve system.

For many of the check writers, it’s not clear that Rand will listen to them once he’s made it to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. For them he’s too much of an unknown.

And even if the GOP loses with an establishment candidate, what’s the worst that could happen? Hillary in the White House? She’s definitely “pro-business.” Not so bad from their perspective.

A Republican president which draws from a broad constituency with some legit libertarian credibility? That guy could be a problem.

(From Politico)

Some attendees commented that Paul’s appearance was “cavalier,” said Frayda Levin, a Paul supporter and major donor who attended the conference at the Ritz-Carlton in Rancho Mirage, California. It was organized by Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce, the nonprofit hub that oversees the Koch network. “This is an older crowd and much more establishment crowd. They are used to a Romney. They are used to a Jeb Bush,” Levin said.

“Jeans might work for a younger audience,” said another attendee, “but these are old bulls who put on a tie every day to go to the office.”

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