Pat Caddell: “Republicans are wusses,” and Democrats “dictator to the common man.”

Caddell, the early years.
Caddell, the early years.

More people should listen to the famed Democratic political strategist Pat Caddell. He is right on the money in many respects. In the attached article he compares Washington DC to Vienna in 1914. An ossified, self interested capital city which is out of touch with reality. This while the hinterlands rumble with discontent.

Caddell explains that both parties are to blame. The Republicans won’t stand for anything, funding Obamacare and refusing to hold the president’s feet to the fire in the face of obvious and deep corruption. Concurrently the Democrats have embraced special interests even more than in the past and have come to reflect a non-working class (perhaps anti-working class when it comes to illegal immigration) ethos while supporting a president who is clearly out to lunch and Caddell thinks, dangerous.

A sane voice in an insane town.

Washington, and the Republicans particularly would be wise to heed Caddell’s warnings. People are fed up with the political class and things are going to change whether the establishment likes it or not.

(From The Daily Caller)

Caddell discusses a “donor, lobbyist, establishment class” of Republicans who “have lost election after election” while lining their own pockets, abusing donors and destroying candidates. “They have no message,” he declares. “The problem with Republicans is that as long as they can keep their hands on their goodies in this town, a lot of these lawyers, lobbyists and others, they don’t care whether the Republican Party wins or what happens to the country.”

He says Republicans hire consultants who “have the morality of storm-troopers” to suppress the grassroots and intimidate anyone who dissents from strategies designed by leadership.

As for his assessment of Republicans stopping Obama’s transformation of the country, Caddell says unequivocally, “Basically, Republicans are wusses,” and describes opportunities to leverage “the power of the purse” provided by the Constitution to the legislative branch.

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