Rand Paul Responds to Politico ‘Hit Piece’ Criticizing His Position on the Fed

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If you want to read the piece to which Senator Paul is responding it is HERE.

Basically the bankers are coming with all guns for the guy who might expose the central bank racket they’ve been running for a very very long time. If everyday people were to actually learn of the things the Federal Reserve has done, indeed why it exists (to backstop the big banks – with the wealth of the American people – and to keep the debt game rolling) there is the chance that the American people might just call bullsh*t on the institution. The bankers, the banking “shamans,” can’t have that. Their power is unfathomable to the average person and that is how they would like to keep it.

The Federal Reserve is the Prime Mover of crony capitalism.

(From The Blaze)

“I don’t think that’s a real audit,” Paul said. “We have a bunch of fake audits, and the fake audits don’t reveal any of the information we want to know. We want to know, who are they buying the stuff from? What are they paying for it? Are they paying a fair market rate, or because it’s someone’s brother-in-law, are they actually paying more for something than it’s actually worth?”…

…“Now the Fed has got an all-out onslaught and push against this,” Paul said. “And it should worry people that an individual bank that has the monopoly privilege granted to it by Congress is able to print up money to lobby against legislation that would cause more oversight. That should worry all of us.”

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