Rand Paul: Scrap the tax code

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This should be political priority number one for the middle class. Our tax code is insanely burdensome. We are taxed at rates which are far too high. The system discourages domestic investment by companies. It creates resentment in the general population. The cost in time to comply with our tax code across the economy is astronomical.

A simple flat income tax is probably the best bet at this point. 10% and then we can talk about cutting more from there.

Simplifying the tax code would release massive amounts of economic energy. We are suffocating right now. We’ve been breathing through mud for decades. Open things up. Let oxygen into the system. Let the economy BREATHE.

New good jobs would appear in short order.

If we want to get back on track simplifying the tax code is key.

(From The Hill)

“The IRS is too big, too powerful, and we absolutely should scrap the code,” Paul, a prospective 2016 presidential candidate, answered. “Look for my tax plan later this spring.”

Great, look forward to seeing it.

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