The crony Grammys

Did the Sex Pistols ever play the Grammys?
Did the Sex Pistols ever play the Grammys?

What is it with politicians and movie (TV, music) stars? Why does the DC crowd care so much about Hollywood? Sure Tinsel Town shovels money to some politicians, but why do so many of our “leaders” just lose their you-know-what over media people? They are entertainers for goodness sake.

Of course I often look at the magazines in the supermarket aisle and ask myself why non-politicians also care about movie stars. I mean somebody must be buying People Magazine.

Bread and circuses.

Saying this I did enjoy the new Spongebob movie this weekend. Now, If I could meet Mr. Krabs in person that would be awesome.

(From Politico)

The industry has plenty at stake in Washington, as the House Judiciary Committee is in the midst of a full review of federal copyright law and is eyeing the complex music licensing system as a top candidate for potential reforms. Various factions of the music business are pleading with Washington for changes — the Recording Academy, which hosts the Grammys, announced a new artists coalition at Sunday’s awards show that will lobby Washington — to would help their bottom lines. Among their goals: A new performance royalty right for recording artists — who don’t get paid when their tracks are played on broadcast radio in the U.S. — or more flexibility for songwriters and music publishers, who have less control over who can play their songs and for what fee.

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* I am glad Beck won best album.