“Virtually all the numbers reported in news coverage of the federal budget will be misleading at best”

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I’ll say that “misleading” is too kind. The word “lie” is probably more apt. But it is an official lie so many people, even in 2015, after all we’ve gone through as a country, still buy the lie.

Fewer do than in the past but still too many.

(From Real Clear Politics)

That let politicians campaign on claims of “cutting” government spending while spending continued to grow. Forty years of such deceit created the problems we face today.

The confusion created by the language of official Washington was highlighted earlier this week in media coverage of a report showing that the federal budget deficit for 2015 will be the lowest in many years. USA Today, for example, reported this good news with the explanation that deficits have fallen since 2009 “due to a combination of federal spending cuts and economic growth.”

The problem—and it’s a big one–with that statement is that federal spending in 2015 is projected to be $138 billion higher this year than it was in 2009 ($3,656 billion this year compared to $3,518 in 2009).

Think about that! Spending is higher than it was but the media says spending cuts are the reason for declining deficits.

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