Washington Post: The progressive ideas behind the lack of free speech on campus (More “Left-fascism”)

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Left-fascism is the version of fascism which is generally associated with the so called “Left” which is exhibited in many nodes of American culture but particularly at some universities. Many people know it as “political correctness” but it goes much deeper than just that.

Though Left-fascism embraces the Marxist ideas of “hierarchy” and “oppression” and other tenets associated with the radical Left, Left-fascism has more in common with Goebbels and Hitler than it does with anything which could remotely be called “liberal.” God forbid (trigger warning: I used the name of God, oh wait too late) any legitimate quest for truth or beauty. Left-fascism, driven by the grievance studies crowd, is an oppressive, anti-intellectual, anti-liberal, anti-human (even anti-humanist) ethos of death and self pity. It is a philosophy of second class minds.

And the thing is, the Left-fascists know it. That’s why they have to bully everyone.


That’s what these people are, bullies. The PC brigade hides behind bureaucracy and speech codes because they know that it’s all bull. They may convince themselves that what they are doing is “correcting language” or evening hierarchies or whatever, but basically theirs is a self loathing (and nearly everybody else loathing) cult whose priests darken the halls of some parts of academia.

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To say that Left-fascism is a “progressive” ideology is true and it is also not. In one sense many Left-fascists probably self identify as “progressives,” but in a real sense the Left-fascist worldview is anything but “progressive.”*

This point has been made by many “conservatives” in the past in critiques of Left-fascism. But this falsely pits “conservatives” against the Left-fascists who as mentioned above self identify as “progressives.” This gives the impression that the counter to Left-fascism is a retrograde and reactionary effort. That somehow conservatives should “roll back” the “progressive” efforts of the opposition.

I say no. The counter to Left-fascism, political correctness, is not “conservatism” per se. The “progressives” don’t get to define what progress is. They don’t define the battlefield. I say progress is the degree to which human beings can achieve their individual potential in peace and without coercion. Progress is the degree to which the average human being, regardless of gender or race can live in peace and freedom.

The philosophy of Left-fascism, with its language codes and love of the state, will never provide freedom. The Left-fascists don’t care about freedom, or liberty, or beauty, or truth. They just want a slave master of a different kind.

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Universities should push back against Left-fascism. It will take great courage because the red (fascist) guards will come for the heads of the new vanguard of intellectual freedom. This vanguard will be called sexist. Members will be called racist. But the thing is, at this point everyone knows (everyone) that in most instances the people who are called sexist or racist aren’t actually sexist or racist.

The Left-fascists bank on the fear of everyday people who know the real deal but don’t dare speak out and on liberals in academia, journalism, and government who basically know the real deal but who don’t want to betray their “class.” (What history professor at any respectable college wants to be seen as anti-progressive by his or her peers? You can forget ever making tenure – in most instances – if you are seen as an enemy of PC.) This is the key point of cultural leverage for Left-fascists. And it is very tenuous. More tenuous than most understand.

Push through this fear and the bullies will crumble. Like I said the Left-fascists know fundamentally that their entire worldview is excrement. They know this on a deep visceral level. There was a time when most of the PC crowd wasn’t in the cult. They remember what sense is even if they can’t acknowledge it any longer.

And as we’ve said before, bullies back down after you give them a shot in the teeth. How much more so for a bully which is delusional?

It is time now to counter Left-fascism and to call it what it is, Left-fascism. Don’t counter these people with cultural conservatism though. They know how to deal with that for the most part. Challenge them on the ideals of liberty, truth, beauty, self actualization, privacy, self expression, and intellectual curiosity. Challenge the Left-fascists with CLASSICAL LIBERALISM and then tell them to slink back into the dustbin of history like the fascists of another era.

(From The Washington Post)

Is an academic discussion of free speech potentially traumatic? A recent panel for Smith College alumnae aimed at “challenging the ideological echo chamber” elicited this ominous “trigger/content warning” when a transcript appeared in the campus newspaper: “Racism/racial slurs, ableist slurs, antisemitic language, anti-Muslim/Islamophobic language, anti-immigrant language, sexist/misogynistic slurs, references to race-based violence, references to antisemitic violence.”

No one on this panel, in which I participated, trafficked in slurs. So what prompted the warning?

Smith President Kathleen McCartney had joked, “We’re just wild and crazy, aren’t we?” In the transcript, “crazy” was replaced by the notation: “[ableist slur].”

One of my fellow panelists mentioned that the State Department had for a time banned the words “jihad,” “Islamist” and “caliphate” — which the transcript flagged as “anti-Muslim/Islamophobic language.”

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* It should be noted that all those who identify as “progressive” are not Left-fascists. (An important point.)

** One more point. To be anti-political correctness doesn’t mean one should just go around being rude. Respect is the word. Manners are valuable. But we must not let those who are easily offended create a totalitarian environment.