Allegations of pay (The Clinton Foundation) to play from former Clinton advisor

uae clinton cc

Dick Morris says that the United Arab Emirates has poured millions into the Clinton political machine. He says the gravy train started in 2002. Back when the Clintons were dead broke according to Ms. Clinton. (Sorry but I’m not going to forget that line from her.) A few million dollars from the Persian Gulf state I’m sure helped the destitute couple from Arkansas pay a few outstanding bills.


In return for millions in speaking and consulting fees, which went right into their personal bank accounts, the former president and former secretary of State — and possible future president — showered favors on the rulers that run this repressive and anti-Semitic government.

It’s hard to grasp the distinction — if there is any — between fees Bill Clinton earned and outright payments to his wife for her influence. For example, during his wife’s tenure as secretary, Bill Clinton collected $1,175,000 for three speeches in the UAE. One, for the Abu Dhabi Global Environmental Data Initiative, at a cost of $500,000, was OKed by the State Department ethics police…

…But it was Hillary Clinton who did the heavy lifting in delivering to the UAE what it most craved: international respect. In September of 2012, the secretary of State hosted a Global Infrastructure Conference at the State Department for 90 CEOs or high-level American executives to learn about investment opportunities in the UAE and three other countries. Seven UAE officials joined Hillary Clinton herself in addressing the conference.

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