Crony marijuana in Ohio, Cartelization in the legal pot market

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The good news is that Ohio may soon legalize the recreational use of cannabis. This is a huge step forward for personal liberty and common sense generally. No one should be going to jail for weed.

But there is a fly in the hash oil. If the new law in Ohio passes, and it likely will, only a few select marijuana “investors” will have the right to grow the plant for profit. Essentially Ohio will create a cartel for weed and that certainly is NOT progress.

As liberalization of pot laws happens across the country people are seeing dollar signs, big ones. But pot is, well a weed, and so is naturally very inexpensive. The illegality of the drug is what puts a floor under the price. With it legal that floor disintegrates and people looking to make money in the business know this. That’s why folks like the “investors” in Ohio are trying to build legal moats around the business.

As pot becomes more legal we will only see more of this.

(From Lions of Liberty)

The group that is backed by wealthy investors is named ResponsibleOhio. The first few items in their amendment are easy to support, allowing pot use by adults over the age of 21 and legalizing medical marijuana for minors with their parents’ consent. If they stopped there it wouldn’t be a bad amendment, but the amendment goes on to outline regulations for commercial growth of marijuana in the state. The proposal advocates cartelizing the growing of marijuana by restricting grow sites to ten specific spots that are owned by the very same investors who are bankrolling ResponsibleOhio’s efforts. The amendment would allow adults to grow up to four plants if they acquire permits, but these individuals would only be allowed to keep the marijuana for personal use.

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