Hospital Profits Soar As Obamacare Creates More “Paying” Patients (You paid for them)

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I was listening to a triad of wonks on NPR’s The Dianne Rehm Show last week discussing “Net neutrality.” One of the guests asserted that it was a given that business always hates “regulations.” I laughed to myself in the car. This person does politics for a living? And no one challenged her on this. (These are supposed to be smart inside the Beltway folks.)

What an ignorant statement.

Whether “Net neutrality,” Dodd-Frank, or Obamacare, pretty much every regulation these days has been gamed to benefit certain large (often corporate) vested interests. It’s not big business VERSUS the regulators. Often and increasingly the two are in cahoots. Occasionally they are actually one.

Interesting that the “Left” these days is so quick to celebrate their “corporate masters.” Such as in the article attached. According to the author happy days are indeed here. It’s all roses and rainbows. That small businesses are being hammered because of Obamacare is no big deal. That small doctors’ offices are shutting down because of Obamacare is no big deal. That millions of people will be penalized come tax time for not having insurance because of Obamacare is no big deal. And that the government has created a pipeline from the pockets of the still hurting middle class right to the bottom line of the healthcare industry is no big deal.

And it probably isn’t to him.

(From Forbes)

Hospital operators continue to see profits and revenue not seen in a decade thanks to the Affordable Care Act and related efforts to sign up uninsured patients to coverage so facilities can reduce unpaid medical bills.

Large hospital operators HCA Holdings HCA +1.17% (HCA), Tenet Healthcare THC +1.34% (THC) and Community Health Systems (CYH) in the last month issued robust 2014 earnings, revenues and large declines in uncompensated care costs, a key measure of expenses.

“We reported Tenet’s strongest quarterly EBITDA in more than 10 years,” Tenet chief executive officer Trevor Fetter boasted last week of a key earnings acronym in the hospital chain’s 2014 fourth quarter.

Congrats middle class. Hope you have some healthcare stocks. Oh, I’m sorry did you say that all the money you’d like to put toward savings and investing went to taxes, and by extension to the bonuses of the executive staffs of these corporations?


Look, everyone can’t win with Obamacare Mr. and Mrs. Middle Class. Just shut up and fork over your paycheck. Capisce?

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