The GOP establishment seeks to suppress the grass roots, the “populists,” the people, again

Lot of liberty lovers at CPAC 2015
Lots of liberty lovers at CPAC 2015

The leadership within both major parties view the “populists” within their ranks as annoyances. Jeb Bush and his crowd and Hillary Clinton and her crowd have a similar disdain for the people who want actual change come 2016. Jeb and Hillary are the establishment. They are the anointed. They represent the long time infrastructure of their respective parties.

Vested interests within the parties know where they stand with both candidates. These interests know that the boat won’t really be rocked by either one. The people who run the parties are safe, so long as none of the rabble rousers slip through. The rabble rousers must be beaten down and beaten back.

That’s what happened in 2012 (and even in 2008). Ron Paul, who though in the end might not have gotten the nomination even in a fair fight, had to push through headwinds no other major candidate faced. Fox, a vital part of the Republican establishment would barely utter his name. When Ron Paul won straw poll after straw poll it wasn’t reported. Sometimes Fox just flat out pretended that the good doctor didn’t even exist as the below video from the Daily Show illustrates.

The rabble rousers, the “populist” sentiment, had to be suppressed.


To a very large degree because there are people who have spent their entire lives working their way into positions of power and privilege within the GOP and they despise Ron Paul. They weren’t going to let some guy calling for the end of the Federal Reserve and who (rightly) shined a light on the dual debacles in Iraq and Afghanistan to come along and screw things up for them. No way.

Though they would never say it publicly, the GOP establishment preferred even Barack Obama to the small government constitutionalist Dr. Paul.

Now, coming into the 2016 election “populist” sentiments within the GOP (and to a more limited extent in the Dem camp) are stronger than ever. No longer are the barbarians just at the gate. They have come over the walls and have viable, serious, candidates in their ranks. Jeb and the establishment GOP have had to retreat to the inner chamber of the fort.

But the establishment has an arsenal of big money and party machinery knowledge which they have yet to deploy. The establishment knows that it can still call in airstrikes if it has to. And it will.

The “populists” must be suppressed at all costs. The GOP was able to do it in 2008 and 2012, and look where that got them. The wonks all still have jobs. Which really is the point right? Success.

(From The Week)

The most obvious political trend in conservative and libertarian circles since 2009 has been the anti-establishment Tea Party. In the wake of the taxpayer bailouts of the finance and auto industries, the attack on crony capitalism in the nation’s capital has only crescendoed over the six years since the 2009 cri de coeur from Rick Santelli. While the Tea Party may have been co-opted to some degree by the Republican Party and by “political circus barkers,” as Salena Zito put it in January, the populist impulse on the right remains strong — and it showed at CPAC.

It didn’t help the GOP, of course, that the Republican-led Congress botched its opposition to the highly unpopular Obama executive action on immigration by running up the white flag on DHS funding. After winning a second historic midterm election in a row, conservative activists expected the GOP to fight on the funding issue. Instead,John BoehnerandMitch McConnellkicked the can down the road with the “cromnibus” in the lame-duck session, promising a fight over DHS funding n February. On the second night of CPAC, McConnell shifted to fully funding DHS, while Boehner’s attempt to get a three-week extension to regroup failed ignominiously. The House’s final passage of the “clean” bill to fund DHS with no strings attached will only solidify conservative opposition to leadership.

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