Big Business’s powerful wingman (Government)

President_Warren_G._Harding's_First_Cabinet_1921 cc

Many people wrongly believe that politics is to a large extent a battle between government and business. That the 2 represent opposite dispositions. This is a foolish notion. Business and government are more often partners than adversaries. Especially now.

But crony capitalism has a long history in this country.


There’s only one way for a large company to establish and maintain true dominance, and that’s for it to “get in” with government regulators. In 2009, giant tobacco maker Phillip Morris called for the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) to regulate tobacco for the first time. Not because it was concerned about safety, but because, like the railroads, it was facing stiff competition from small and foreign competitors. As an established business, its executives knew that the FDA’s regulatory barriers would tend to keep out new competitors and protect its profit margins.

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