Bill “the Red” de Blasio: A socialist New York mayor to challenge Hillary in the primaries?

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There is nothing this country could use more at this moment in its history than a super-statist mayor of New York City running things. That ought to turn things around.

A crony of the urban political machine style, Bill de Blasio, honest to goodness spent his honeymoon in communist Cuba in the 1980s. He also supported the Marxist Sandinistas in Nicaragua. This is what America needs. More centralization!. More cronyism! More suicidal economics!

The thing is though, lots of folks in this country read People Magazine and can be bought with some taxpayer financed goodies. You know it. I know it. De Blasio knows it.

Third world baby! All the way! American exceptionalism my ass. Let’s turn this country into another armpit in the name of utopian and soul destroying justice!

You may think I’m being overly dramatic here. I am not. People who do not understand basic market economics, indeed who fear the market and think it is the enemy are potentially very damaging to this country. Typically they for the most part don’t even understand why it is that their schemes don’t work. They double down and double down on anti-market programs until the everything is terrible. Think Detroit, and the Soviet Union.

(From Bloomberg)

De Blasio drew 360 people as keynote speaker at the $5,000-per-table fundraising dinner in Milwaukee, where Walker was a county executive before becoming governor in 2011.

The speech followed trips this month to Nebraska and Iowa, which holds the first presidential contest, to push progressive leaders to crystallize how they will fight income inequality and to make it an issue in elections at all levels.

After a jaunt to Washington in May to convene a group of mayors seeking a bill for transportation funding, the mayor said he expects to travel to California and other states where he’s invited and there are opportunities.

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