Brazil activists to walk 600 miles for ‘free markets, lower taxes and privatisation’

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Classical liberalism lives and is growing in Brazil. A place which could use a giant dose of free market thinking. It’s a country with massive potential but which has always been handicapped by its attachment to statism of different flavors.

As we have been reporting the South American experiment with socialism is failing badly. Venezuela recently had to literally pawn its gold reserves to Citibank just to make ends come close to meeting.

Again, as people around the world learn more about the voluntary exchange of goods and services, and why such a system serves them better than an oppressive highly regulatory state apparatus, we will see more of the sort of thing we are seeing in Brazil.

(From The Guardian)

On Friday afternoon, Santos and a few dozen other activists will set off from the Praça Panamericana in western São Paulo on a 1,000km (621-mile) walk to Brasília, the Brazilian capital, following one of the routes of the bandeirantes.

Along the way, they will pass through towns and cities spreading the gospel of economic liberalism. And when they finally arrive in Brasília, they plan to hold a mass rally and present a simple message to congress: impeach President Dilma Rousseff.

“It’ll be a journey,” said Santos, 31. “Like Lord of the Rings.”

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