Clinton Foundation reaps windfall from double standard

President Bill Clinton-Founder, Clinton Foundation and 42nd President Of The United States serves as moderator for the Opening Plenary Session-Health Innovation at The Clinton Foundation's 2015 Health Matters Activation Summit on Monday January 26, 2015 in Indian Wells, California  (AP Photo/Earl Gibson III)

Imagine if you or I had a mining deal stuck in red tape deep in the heart of Somewheristan and we just happened to give a million dollars to a charity which was closely associated with the Minister of Mines, Dirt Movement, and Bribery in Somewheristan. Think that would be OK under US law? It wouldn’t be. The Justice Department would be all over you.

The Wall Street Journal reports however that things are a little different when it’s money coming from overseas and into the USA under what some would consider similar circumstances.

(From The Wall Street Journal)

What counts as corruption abroad is apparently viewed as good citizenship here at home. The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act was an effort to export our domestic anti-bribery laws. Yet no one in the Obama administration, including in the Justice Department, is looking at the conduct surrounding the Clinton Foundation with the same skepticism and drawing the same adverse inferences that have become standard in Foreign Corrupt Practices Act cases. Instead, large donations to the Clinton Foundation by foreign entities with matters pending before the government are regarded as simply the result of an admirable interest in the foundation’s works of mercy.

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