DHS to open shop in Silicon Valley, Wants to “partner” with tech firms

So I wonder what happens if the tech firms don’t want to partner with the Department of Homeland Security?

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The statists are unrelenting. They want government in every nook and cranny of human life.

And I just want to say a special “Thank You” to all the Republicans who helped craft DHS, and the Patriot Act, and the NDAA. Thank you for not standing for small government, panicking, and throwing the Constitution under the bus. The Dems helped too. They are very much to blame. But it was the Republicans which were in control when the surveillance state bloomed.

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(From Venture Beat)

At the RSA cybersecurity conference in San Francisco today, the secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Jeh Johnson, announced that his agency will be opening a satellite office in Silicon Valley.

The DHS, Johnson said, is the government’s main link to private sector companies when it comes to security matters, including cybersecurity.

“We want to make it so the public sector and the private sector can share intelligence and research,” Johnson said.

By the way, whenever you hear people talking about “public/private partnerships” this is code for crony capitalists on the take.

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