Fat Cat de Blasio vs. New York’s Poor and Middle Class

de Blasio cc

Bill “I literally honeymooned in Cuba” de Blasio is a man who has long loved the state. His generous pay comes from taxpayers and long has. He has spent a career in the crony bubble. The New York City crony bubble at that.

His economics are ludicrous. His politics equally so. Of course the 2 tie in together.

Why is it that cities produce such horrible politicians? Seriously, what is wrong with New York? (And Chicago, San Francisco, and LA for that matter.)

(From The Daily Beast)

Yet for de Blasio, New York City’s massive and inefficient government apparatus is delivering for him and his, which helps to explain why his entire political agenda is about growing the size, scope, and spending of government rather than freeing businesses and individuals from it. What he doesn’t grok is that his experience of how city government delivers services and opportunities is atypical and can’t be remedied by top-down mandates that simply decree hikes in the minimum wage, increases in the number of “affordable” housing units, and boosts in salaries for teachers in traditional public schools…

…But when it comes to housing, business development, wages, and education, Bill de Blasio is in no way interested in trying anything actually new. Why should he be? Through no fault of his own, New York is thriving for well-off people as never before, a global destination for the richest of the rich and the hippest of the hip.. Virtually his entire mayoralty is staked on doubling down on the same sorts of policies that have only made New York City less affordable and open to middle- and lower-class residents.

To change course, he would have to not simply rethink his entire worldview but acknowledge that his relationship to the governmental power structure is wholly at odds with the typcial New Yorker’s. The quickest and best solutions to what ails the city are precisely those that take power from City Hall and give it back to the folks actually struggling to make ends meet and build viable businesses.

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