Former Maryland Gov explains that the idea that crony capitalism hurts the poor and middle class is “bull—-“

Omalley cc

Governor O’Malley it should be noted wants to be the president of the United States of America. Though he has not officially announced he may challenge Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination.

Consider for a second how flatly ignorant this statement is;

“But it is not true that regulation holds poor people down or regulation keeps middle class from advancing. That’s kind of patently bullshit.”

It’s worse than ignorant, it is dangerous. Imagine what another president who doesn’t understand that our economy is being strangled by piles of regulations would mean.

It is not the biggies which are being strangled by reams of regs and dragnets made of red tape. The giant corporations have teams of lobbyists and lawyers. It’s the little guy who gets caught below the crony business tier. It is the little guy who is suffocated. O’Malley’s is an antiquated understanding of American politics, a 20th Century understanding, with business on one side and government on the other. That simply isn’t how politics works as we show day in and day out.

And our bet, given that he was the governor of Maryland, is that O’Malley actually understands over-regulation hurts the middle class. But he won’t say so because the crony critique messes with his narrative and potential donations stream.

Or maybe it’s a form of willful ignorance. That is possible I suppose.

Ignorance or not his position is economic suicide.