Hillary hires Google executive to be chief technology officer

Hillary cc 1

Well this is just getting flat out annoying. Recently we reported that Obama had a Google exec, Eric Schmidt (who is a billionaire) at the helm of his tech campaign in 2012. Now another Google executive is headed to the Clinton campaign.

We’ll say it again. Remember “Don’t be evil”? Well, given Ms. Clinton’s long and well documented track record of shadiness it seems that motto has been completely and totally abandoned by Google. It’s a shame.

(From The Washington Post)

Hillary Rodham Clinton has hired a longtime Google executive to oversee her likely presidential campaign’s technology development and build new ways for Clinton to engage with voters, according to Democrats with knowledge of the move.

Stephanie Hannon, who is Google’s director of product management for civic innovation and social impact, will become the chief technology officer of the expected Clinton campaign, according to the Democrats, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the appointment.

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