In California taxpayers to be fined for long showers, Big politically connected farmers continue to have their water subsidized by same taxpayers

California_water_system cc

California is going through a drought and the state is feeling the strain. But some water users are more equal than others. If you want to water your lawn, forget about it. If however you are a farmer who wants to grow rice – rice – you know a crop which grows in ankle deep water? It’s cool. You are part of a protected class, the California farmer.

The drought in California wouldn’t be nearly as bad if farmers didn’t suck up 80% of the water. 80%. (They constitute roughly 2% of California’s economy.) Oh, and one of the reasons farmers use so much water is because it is subsidized by taxpayers. Water for many farmers in California is sold at below the market rate. I wonder why the state is running out given that 80% of the water consumed isn’t at the rate the market actually demands!

Seriously, people talk about California (or at least LA) as being “La La Land” but come on. This is pretty basic stuff. It’s hard to have too much sympathy for the Golden State if it refuses to acknowledge basic economic reality.

So Californians, you’ve been warned. Jerry Brown is going to take YOU to court if you spend too long washing your hair. Stock up on deodorant guys. That shower water has to go to almond growers.

(From The LA Times)

Almonds are especially thirsty in the southern San Joaquin. But there’s a lucrative overseas market for them so growers have been planting more and more trees. Basically, one almond requires a gallon of water to produce.