Koch Industries drops criminal-history question from job applications

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Good. I know a couple of ex-cons who’d served their time and just wanted to get on with their lives but had a very hard time finding a job. Any job. This is was largely because they were excluded from consideration right out of the gate.

These guys are going to have to explain their long gap in employment history anyway to the HR person who hires them. But at least some computer somewhere isn’t just dumping their resumes immediately into the “NO” box.

We want convicts to be able to rejoin society. Because convicts who don’t rejoin society become criminals (again).

Pleased to see this from Koch.

(From USA Today)

The company’s CEO, Charles Koch, a billionaire known for his support of Republican candidates and libertarian causes, has made overhauling the criminal-justice system a priority. Mark Holden, Koch’s general counsel and senior vice president, said it made common sense for the company to take this step.

“Do we want to be judged for the rest of our life for something that happened on our worst day?” Holden said during an interview with USA TODAY at the company’s headquarters.

The “ban the box” movement urges employers to wait until prospective employees are being interviewed or have tentative job offers before asking about their criminal histories. Proponents said it will give ex-felons and others with criminal records a better shot at employment if they are not rejected at the very start of the hiring process.

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