(More Crony Media) Nerd Prom: Film shows how cozy reporters (and movie stars) are with White House

"A celebration of us."
“A celebration of us.”

I resent that some call the White House Correspondents’ Dinner “Nerd Prom.” The people who attend this thing are not nerds. They aren’t socially awkward. They aren’t often particularly smart. They ARE generally good looking. And they are social climbing Cheshire cats. Nerds are pretty much the opposite of the permasmiles parading down the red carpet in Washington. None of these people have ever played Minecraft.

The media and politicians love each other. Movie people make politicians feel like they’re hip. Politicians make the media people feel like they are powerful.

I find the White House Correspondents Dinner gut wrenching and not a little depressing. Yay America!

(From The Washington Examiner)

Criticism of the dinner climaxed in 2012, as mentioned in the documentary, when veteran NBC newsman Tom Brokaw said the event is serving as a symbol of how far removed the national press is from the average American.

“If there’s ever an event that separates the press from the people that they’re supposed to serve, symbolically, it is that one,” he said at the time. “It is time to rethink it.”

Perhaps the most cringe-worthy part of the documentary is a five-minute segment of video footage from previous dinners wherein the young scholarship winners are recognized but go unnoticed by the room full of journalists, high-ranking government officials and celebrities who are too busy rubbing elbows.

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer is seen snapping photos of friends in the ballroom while the young scholarship winners are being announced.

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