Newsweek: “Whoo-boy, does ABIM (American Board of Internal Medicine) have a lot to hide.”

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If one wants to be an internist one must be certified through the ABIM. However according to the attached report the ABIM is basically a Ponzi scheme in a lab coat, that Enron-like irregularities run through the organization’s books.

Now the ABIM is leaning on doctors for more money. (To cover coming shortfalls.) It has even lobbied Congress to make sure new (expensive) certification requirements are incentivized by the taxpayer.

Doctors have revolted.

(From Newsweek)

What I found suggests that the primary reason ABIM attempted to expand its recertification process—which set off the uprising—is that the organization has been crippled by accounting games and needs a lot more revenue, fast, to avoid a fiscal train wreck. I also found misleading or false statements in government filings, attempts to withhold public information, damage inflicted on federal science programs and more. ABIM now even appears to be trying to trick Congress into passing laws that would force doctors to cough up cash to cover the organization’s financial follies. It even benefited from something slipped into Obamacare that seems to have been written by ABIM or its lobbyists.

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