‘Once-in-3-Billion-Year’ Jump in Bonds Was a Warning Shot, Dimon Says

Dimon cc

There is always magma rolling and roiling under the financial plates of the world. Jamie Dimon, JPMorgan’s CEO commented on a rumble which occurred last October which he thinks is of particular import.

(From Bloomberg)

The Oct. 15 gyration, when Treasury yields fluctuated by almost 0.4 percentage point, was an “unprecedented move” that would have serious consequences in a stressed environment, Dimon, the New York-based bank’s chairman and chief executive officer, said in a letter Wednesday to shareholders. Treasuries are supposed to be among the most stable securities.

Dimon, 59, cited the incident as he waded into a debate about whether bank regulations implemented after the 2008 financial crisis exacerbate price declines by limiting the ability of Wall Street banks to make markets. It’s just a matter of time until some political, economic or market event triggers another financial crisis, he said, without predicting one is imminent.

The Treasuries move was “an event that is supposed to happen only once in every 3 billion years or so,” Dimon wrote. A future crisis could be worsened because there “is a greatly reduced supply of Treasuries to go around.”

I guess somebody’s model was off by a couple billion years.

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