Politico: Obama took office vowing to end America’s wars. Now we’re in at least 5.

Reaper drops first precision-guided bomb, protects ground forces

I love that Politico says that we are in “at least 5” wars. You know, because maybe 1 or 2 aren’t really wars technically, or the American public doesn’t really know about them, whatever. At least 5.

Given that Obama ran on getting things in order overseas post Bush, the current president’s record on this front is particularly pathetic. And his folks are working an Iran deal? That is very encouraging.

Strangely however many of Mr. Obama’s most ardent critics complain that we aren’t warring ENOUGH overseas. Bizarre.

It should be remembered that great powers often, if not always, die because they spend their treasure maintaining empire.

It should also be remembered that since Bush launched his wars we have been violating nearly every tenet of The Art of War. We are fighting open ended war(s) with no clear objective. We are fighting as far away from home as we practically can be and in the process spending more and more of America’s wealth in places where people are just flat out stealing from us.

But at least at home the defense contractors continue to get fat and happy.

Our neoconservative foreign policy, and yes Obama’s foreign policy has been for the most part a neoconservative one, has proven a disaster. Our enemies want us bogged down in quagmires. They know that this is the only way to beat the United States over the medium to long term. They learned the lessons of Vietnam. It seems like we have forgotten them.

We need to get a handle on things and ourselves. We need to get a handle on the Military Industrial Complex which – though it is not talked about much – is a big part of the current insanity. We need to get real. We do not – despite what Mr. Cheney asserted – have an unlimited supply of US dollars. And we certainly do not have an unlimited supply of young people.

War is sometimes necessary. But war is also, and more importantly, hell. That should not be forgotten. We need to consider whether we should be raising more hell. Politico appears to think we should.

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