Report: DHS Adding Millions of ‘New Americans’ to (presumably) Vote Democrat in 2016


I’m pretty sure that the Department of Homeland Security is not supposed to be involved in “getting out the vote” efforts. Pretty sure that’s outside of their scope.

Look, I don’t get bent out of shape when I hear people speaking Spanish. I speak Spanish. I find Latin America generally fascinating. But when the government is being used to stack the electoral deck I’ve got a big problem. Consider the various government agencies which under the current president have been used actively against Americans calling for smaller government. The FBI (not perusing voter fraud charges), the IRS (persecuting Tea Party, and pro-Constitution groups), and now the Department of Homeland Security actively recruiting voters into the Democratic Party machine, all are working against the constitutionalist reawakening. .

But that is what the state does. It takes more and more and more for itself (and its cronies) and leaves less and less and less for those who simply want to be left alone. Leviathan always seeks to feed itself so we shouldn’t be surprised.

But we shouldn’t accept it either.

Your limited constitutional government? Hey the government bureaucrats have got your limited constitutional government right here! Eh?

(From Fox News)

“What they’re doing is doing a full-court press on getting these aliens – 9,000,000 of them – registered as citizens in time for the 2016 election,” Adams said. “They’re redirecting resources of DHS to this effort, this campaign.”

Adams noted that an internal memo from Leon Rodriguez, the director and co-chair of the DHS’ “Task Force on New Americans,” said, “This report outlines an immigrant integration plan that will advance our nation’s global competitiveness and ensure that the people who live in this country can fully participate in their communities.”

“They say it nakedly in this letter that this is all about politics,” Adams stated.

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