Republicans: The Cocaine Monkeys of Defense Spending

What a great headline.

Monkey cc

The attached article comes from Veronique de Rugy, unabashed advocate of free markets, liberty, and fiscal sanity. It goes nicely with our previous post.

Cocaine monkeys…

(From The Daily Beast)

How much money does the GOP want to shove into the OCO slush fund? Both the House and Senate budget resolutions would add $38 billion to the president’s $58 billion OCO request for a total of $96 billion. That $96 billion would be on top of base national defense funding of $523 billion, which is the maximum allowable under the caps, for a total of $619 billion.

I understand that this move is an attempt to appease both sides of the Republican Party, the defense hawks and the debt hawks. But it remains infuriating. Instead of just busting the defense cap and finally dropping any pretense that they were ever serious about tackling the Pentagon’s bloat, the GOP decided to make a mockery of it.

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