Tom Steyer wants to buy the next election, Teams with Soros, others

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But Nick, these are good billionaires. They are fighting “climate change.” They are “green.” They are progressives.

Yeah, well they are also pushing regulations which will benefit them financially you can rest assured of that. You can also rest assured that they consider anyone who believes that government should be as small as humanly possible is – I hate to use this term – the enemy. To them those who won’t get on the green bandwagon are actually wronging the world. Those who do not buy into their worldview, some would call it a religion, are actually committing a crime (a sin?). I am not kidding.

Not all enviros are like this by any means. People are just people I have found and a couple of pints can go a long way toward bridging differences (at least on a personal level). I have great respect for many folks in what is often called the “environmental movement.” As we have said before we at ACC consider ourselves environmentalists. Proudly so. But there are a significant number of real – I hate to use this term – control freaks in the movement, who would gladly regulate the world down to the blade of grass if they could.*

Some of the latter group also have big fat checkbooks.

(From Politico)

Democracy Alliance members — a group that includes Steyer, billionaire financier George Soros and Houston trial lawyers Amber and Steve Mostyn — are required to donate at least $200,000 a year to recommended groups, though many donors spend much more than that. The alliance, which is celebrating its tenth anniversary in San Francisco, has steered more than $500 million to favored groups and its recommendations are considered a significant bellwether of the direction of the progressive movement.

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* I think that for a certain subset of people in the environmental movement CONTROL is really the underlying issue, not the environment per se.