The Biggest Surprise About Rolling Stone (Fake Rape Story) Fallout: Nobody Got Fired

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This is the biggest surprise? I don’t think so.

I figured that everyone would get off even though the story appears to be mostly a fabrication (perhaps entirely), which hurt many people and disparaged a fine institution. (Disclaimer: I live just down the road from UVA.) The surprise would have been if someone WAS fired.

In today’s current politically correct culture common sense is rare, not the norm.

Even still, that the author of the article, Sabrina Erdley, will continue to write for Rolling Stone (and draw a check) is absolutely ridiculous.

(From Mediaite)

Rolling Stone has to understand in some respects that by not holding anyone accountable, by not firing anyone, they’re not just damaging their own reputation but the reputation of the industry of journalism,” Stein told Morning Joe Monday morning. “People will look at future stories about rape on campus or rape anywhere suspiciously, and will think that reporters get a free pass if they get wrong, because of what Rolling Stone is doing here. It’s almost irresponsible for them not to hold anyone accountable.”

ALMOST irresponsible?

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