The FBI faked an entire field of forensic science. How many wrongful convictions? Executions?

Hair sample

For everyone out there with an unfailing faith in the state – we know there are a few of you left – read this.

(From Slate)

The Washington Post published a story so horrifying this weekend that it would stop your breath: “The Justice Department and FBI have formally acknowledged that nearly every examiner in an elite FBI forensic unit gave flawed testimony in almost all trials in which they offered evidence against criminal defendants over more than a two-decade period before 2000.”

What went wrong? The Post continues:“Of 28 examiners with the FBI Laboratory’s microscopic hair comparison unit, 26 overstated forensic matches in ways that favored prosecutors in more than 95 percent of the 268 trials reviewed so far.” The shameful, horrifying errors were uncovered in a massive, three-year review by the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and the Innocence Project. Following revelations published in recent years, the two groups are helping the government with the country’s largest ever post-conviction review of questioned forensic evidence.

Chillingly, as the Post continues, “the cases include those of 32 defendants sentenced to death.” Of these defendants, 14 have already been executed or died in prison.

This is the sort of thing which makes one question the very nature of humanity. How could these “experts” live with themselves knowing that they had given “flawed testimony” and that someone was now in prison, or facing the electric chair because of this “flawed testimony”?

In the deep recesses of one’s heart how does one deal with such a thing?

I also wonder how many of the “experts” who gave “flawed testimony” will face justice, or even lose one dollar of their federal worker pensions?

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