The rich get government handouts just like the poor. Here are 10 of them. (This is actually a terrible list)

This_farmer_is_not_on_government_relief cc

The point here is that there is some effort to make welfare recipients go through drug testing etc., and that this is humiliating. So we should focus on the welfare the rich get too.

I’m for that.

Thing is this list, almost completely, lists tax DEDUCTIONS as “handouts.”

Let’s be real clear, a deduction only means that you get to keep YOUR  MONEY. That’s very different than the taxpayer sending someone a check via the government.

That being said the authors (It took 2 people to write the attached article?) could have focused on all manner of legitimate welfare for the rich, including things like crop and farm subsidies, subsidized loans from the Export-Import Bank, solar panel tax credits, tax credits for buying Teslas, exorbitant pensions for senior government employees, the list could actually be pretty good. There’s plenty of material.

Click here for the terrible list.