US Chamber says Don’t Touch Our Corporate Welfare! Ranks Harry Reid better than free market friendly Jeff Sessions

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The US Chamber of Commerce loudly proclaims that it operates in the “spirit of free enterprise.” Sadly that is not true.

The Chamber is beginning to show its true colors as a truly anti-crony lobby gains strength in Washington and in the country generally. Some of the enemies of crony capitalism are Republicans. One such Republican is Congressman Jeff Sessions, who wants to end the Export-Import Bank, “Boeing’s Bank.” This annoys the Chamber which wants to make sure that taxpayers continue to subsidize loans for its client(s).

The supposed champion of “the spirit of free enterprise” even ranked Harry Reid, Harry Reid, ahead of Congressman Sessions (someone who appears to actually believe in the spirit of free enterprise) on its scorecard.

Big political shifts are happening.

(From Breitbart)

“Some may be surprised by the scores, but when you look at the bills the Chamber prioritized you can understand why a solid conservative like Jeff Sessions would perform poorly,” Heritage Action spokesman Dan Holler, whose organization does its own scorecards, tells Breitbart News. He says the Chamber’s scorecard “is littered with special interest programs and big government spending.”

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