Which Republican will get Sheldon Adelson’s money?

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The neoconservative casino magnate has got big bucks and he’s ready to roll the dice. Actually dice is probably not his deal. Adelson knows that the real money is owning the casino not playing the game.

(From Politico)

During the 2012 campaign, Adelson made his voice heard loud and clear. Of the $100 million he spent on Republican causes, about $15 million was devoted to supporting Gingrich, his favored candidate in the primary. His benevolence enabled the former House speaker, who was waging a long-shot campaign, to remain in the primary until late April.

This election, though, Adelson’s advisers say he’s determined to get behind a more mainstream candidate who has a better chance of becoming the party’s nominee. “He doesn’t want the crazies to drive the party’s prospects into the ground,” said one person close to him.

By “crazies” he’s talking about the actual small government people in the GOP. Adelson thinks what the country needs is another bland, middle of the road guy like Mitt Romney who is committed to continuing the endless wars in the Middle East. And Adelson actually thinks America will vote for such a candidate.

In truth it’s not the party’s prospects Adelson is really worried about. It’s neoconservative prospects which concern him.

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