A man in Denmark fleeing persecution for hurting a politician’s feelings

It's pretty in the summer. But don't offend the mayor or you might just get locked up.
It’s pretty in the summer. But don’t offend the mayor or you might just get locked up.

Some of our more statist readers (and we love you) are prone to saying, “But, but, Scandinavia…etc., etc.” whenever we talk about the ills of socialism and big government generally.

Sorry folks but it ain’t no paradise.

Below is just a small, but scary example of Nordic statism gone nuts for you to consider.

(From Dollar Vigilante)

I was contacted today by a Dollar Vigilante subscriber with an urgent situation.

He lives in Denmark and, as many TDV subscribers are, is not a fan of government.  As such he had said some things about some politicians on Facebook that “hurt their feelings” and he now fears that he may have to spend six months in jail.

Surely hurting someone’s feelings can’t be illegal in Denmark, can it?  Yes, it is illegal to hurt the feelings of a “public servant” in Denmark!

Penal Code 121, in Denmark, states, “Any person who with scorn, epithets or other insult assaulting any of the § 119 persons mentioned in the execution of his office or function or in respect of the same shall be punished by a fine or by imprisonment up to 6 months.”

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