DHS records describe Mexican government helicopters entering US, firing on Border Patrol

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How is this not a huge story?

Well, we know why it’s not a huge story. This sort of thing throws a wrench into the current illegal immigration narrative. Specifically that we as Americans shouldn’t be concerned with what is happening along our southern border. That we have a crony government – far “cronier” than even the USA – sending waves of folks northward while its helicopters fire on US border agents is not a big deal.

We are pro-immigration here. We believe people – all people – should be free to pursue happiness. Sometimes that means moving across borders. But are we a country or are we not a country?

(From The Examiner)

After having to fight for almost a year for the Obama administration to “come clean,” the top public-interest group in the United States that routinely investigates and exposes government corruption and cover-ups on Tuesday reported that it finally obtained documents from the Department of Homeland Security’s Customs and Border Protection (CBP) directorate. The files describe a shocking Southwest Border incident in which helicopters allegedly belonging to the government of Mexico flew across the border into the United States — Arizona — and opened fire on Border Patrol agents on American soil.

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