World’s first robot chef makes 2000 different dishes, Demands $0/hour in pay

robot chef cc

Say hello to the not too distant future. In the next 10 years robots will change our world in huge ways. They will upend labor markets and change our politics. Add in the Oculus Rift which makes real live virtual reality yours (I mean it is really, really cool) for $500, and watch out. You think the Internet changed your life? Just you wait.

From The American Bazaar)

The world’s first robot chef took a bow on the grand stage when it cooked for attendees at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Shanghai this past weekend.

As previously reported by the American Bazaar, recipes are selected via an app, with the machine being able to stir, adjust the hob, pick up bottles, pour jugs, and perform other movements.

The machine, designed by London’s Moley Robotics, is slated to host a library of 2,000 dishes to pull from by the time it’s launched for the consumer market in 2017.

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