Crony Export-Import Bank will die at midnight, Will Congress bow to Boeing, GE, the Chamber and revive it?


You better believe it. If they can. There’s is so much money and power behind keeping the corporatist boondoggle going it is hard to see how the Ex-Im dragon could be slain for good. (It can be slain however.) The corporations are for it. The unions are for it. The President is for it. The Democrats in Congress are for it. Many of the Republicans in Congress are for it.

Who’s against it? The taxpayers, a few modern liberals like Ralph Nader, and some scrappy freemarketeers.

But we are darn scrappy.*

(From The Washington Post)

Exporters and Democrats are dialing up the pressure on Republicans over the pending lapse of the Export-Import Bank’s charter at midnight.

As the Post’s Mike DeBonis reports, the two groups started to lay the foundation on Tuesday for reviving the bank when lawmakers return to Capitol Hill after the Fourth of July recess.

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*Interestingly nearly every GOP presidential candidate has come out against Ex-Im. Including Jeb Bush.