Do big unions buy politicians? (Video)

Credit: California Review
Credit: California Review

You better believe it.

Below is an excellent explanation of how public employee unions perpetuate the expansion of government and by extension legal theft from taxpayers.

I have found that the most vehement defenders of government waste, high taxes, and the red tape which strangles the productive part of the economy – the private sector – are government workers. They have a good deal going and they don’t want taxpayers to get hip to their deal. But we are and we are not happy.

Truly some of the greatest crony capitalists of all are those who work in government itself. Think of it. For many government workers taxes are a circular flow. They (and we) pay taxes to finance government which in turn sends them a paycheck.

But for many of us taxes are for the most part just a net outflow. An unrelenting bill. The bill would be a lot smaller if we could cut a large number of these workers from the bureaucracy. Personnel is the most expensive part of overhead.