What Some Conservatives Aren’t Willing To Do To Kill Obamacare

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The filibuster is an important tool which, as many have observed, has halted more bad legislation than good legislation. Getting rid of it would constitute a major change, and potentially a very bad one.

Even if it meant undoing Cronycare, eliminating the filibuster would likely come back to haunt fans of small government.

(From Bloomberg)

Bush said Friday he’d “certainly consider” endorsing an end to the filibuster if it paves the way for replacing Obamacare with his preferred alternatives. Over the weekend, Walker was more categorical when Hewitt asked him the same question at the Western Conservatives summit in Denver: “Yes. Absolutely,” he said, according to the Washington Examiner.

The theory is straightforward: If Republicans can win the White House next year and maintain their majorities in the House and Senate, the only sure-fire obstacle to rolling back Obamacare would be a Democratic filibuster in the Senate, requiring a 60-vote majority to cut it off.

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