Former ObamaCare official becomes top lobbyist for insurers

Good news! So so the insurance companies!
Good news! So do the insurance companies!

As one reader commented a few days ago, “It just doesn’t stop.”

Indeed it doesn’t. This is the culture of Washington. The big cash-in carrot is why many people go into government these days. In the warren of Washington regulation there are caches of dollars along the way. If you know where to look for them.

A tour (or multiple tours) in high level bureaucracy provides one with a nice map of potential taxpayer funded riches.

(From The Hill)

A former administration official who oversaw the rollout of ObamaCare will be taking over as top lobbyist for a major insurance industry trade group.

Marilynn Tavenner was unanimously confirmed Wednesday as president and chief executive of America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP).

I am temped to write, hahahahaha! But I won’t. Oh wait.

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