Free People Have Pride

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It’s true. Free people stand up for themselves. Free people respect others but question why it is that they must fall in line.

This general disposition annoys politicians and perhaps more importantly it annoys the people who do not see any value in standing up for themselves, in thinking independently. Why can’t you just get along? Why do you have to question everything? What makes you so special that you get to challenge the system which is obviously (sic) in place for the greater good? 

It really is a question of what one thinks it means to be alive. It’s that fundamental.

(From The PanAm Post)

The truth is that it’s difficult to imagine a nation of independent adults governed by a tyrant. Independent adults are knowledgeable regarding their rights. They are secure in their abilities to deal with life’s difficulties. They have inquisitive and alert minds capable of identifying fallacies, empty words, and lofty promises.+

The Magna Carta, the abolition of slavery, the Glorious Revolution in the United Kingdom, the US Declaration of Independence: they didn’t spring from fear or submission. They surged out of the rebellion of adults who understood the facts and were willing to fight against the authority that other men or the government intended to wield over their lives.

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