Get ready to pay A LOT more for health insurance (Like 40% more for some people, because of Obamacare)


Hayek had a name for the hubris which clings to big government planners like herpes – “the pretense of knowledge.

Planners always think they can plan large social experiments, but experience has shown us over and over and over, from the Soviet Union, to France, to Britain, to North Korea, to the United States, they just can not. Obamacare is just the latest example.

20%-40% increases because, surprise surprise the people who signed up for Obamacare are sicker than the planners planned and fewer healthy people signed up than the planners planned.

It’s not like anyone said this would happen. Oh wait, all the people who understood basic supply and demand said this would happen.

But the planners, the Grubers, pressed on anyway. They would be able to do this. They had a solution.

They didn’t have a solution. They bought off the pharmaceutical, health insurance, and hospital companies so the Dems could shove through a program which no one read before they voted to pass it. What was in Obamacare? No one knew. But we had it. Hallelujah we had Obamacare! Take that teabaggers.

Just stupid and reckless. Now we are stuck with this abomination.

We have gone through a period in American history of late, the Bush and Obama years, where we seem to have forgotten that these massive programs don’t work. They may exist, welfare exits, but it sure as hell doesn’t work. And it doesn’t work even more every year. We forgot that big government is not only wasteful it is an antiquated way of running things. It’s dumb. It’s ham handed. It’s economy destroying. It should be avoided. We KNEW BETTER.

But we forgot. (At least some of us did.)

Government IS the problem.

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