Health Care Premium Hikes and Crony Capitalism

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Obamacare is a giant jack. And no, single payer is not the solution. That is the last thing we need. Single payer is an excuse for all sorts of other cronyism. Not to mention that socializing healthcare in the 21st Century is just a backward idea. We should be opening up healthcare not centralizing it.

(From Real Clear Politics)

For a corporate executive without scruples, Obamacare is a dream come true. Other titans of industry must be jealous that the insurance companies got the government to force every American to buy their product. More precisely, the government forced tens of millions of Americans to buy more insurance than they need or want.

That’s great for the insurance companies, but not for anybody else. Consider, for example, workers who have insurance provided by their employers. As companies are forced to pay higher premiums to pay for all the newly mandated coverage, they reduce the amount of cash paid directly to their employees. In effect, the paycheck of American workers has been trimmed to improve the profits of America’s health care giants.

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