Hillary Clinton comes out against the future, opposes Uber, Airbnb, sharing economy generally?

sharing economy cc

The sharing economy is a fantastic thing. Given that smartphones and other technologies give us the ability to identify and make use of previously latent “capital,” empty cars, empty rooms, etc., we should be doing everything we can to develop this better way of doing business. Smartphones make markets for things like car rides, vacationing, even groceries, more dynamic.  We now have access to information which was once that of dreams. With this information we can cut out middle men, demand higher levels of service, lower prices, and better products.

But for some folks stuck in the 20th Century that is exactly why they hate the sharing economy.

Taxi companies, hoteliers, all sorts of “legacy” interests with friends in government are (rightfully) scared of the sharing economy. They know they’re beat. They see that they are going to have to change fundamentally. That is unless they can get their politician buddies to do them some favors.

Looks like Ms. Clinton has taken the side of the “legacy” companies. Considering her now famous problems with the operation of fax machines I suppose this shouldn’t be a surprise.

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